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Acepromazine is a derivative of Phenothiazine with antipsychotic properties. It is mainly used as an antiemetic and sedative for animals. It works as an effective tranquilizer. Its standard pharmaceutical preparation is called Acepromazine Maleate which is broadly used on cats, dogs and horses. The drug is also known by other names like ACP and Ace.

Acepromazine Identification

CAS number- 61-00-7

ATC code- N05AA04

PubChem- CID 6077

DrugBank- DB01614

ChemSpider- 5852

UNII- 54EJ303F0R

KEGG- D07065

ChEBI- CHEBI: 44932


Acepromazine Formula

The chemical formula for this compound is C19H22N2OS.

Acepromazine Picture
Picture 1 – Acepromazine

IUPAC Name for Acepromazine

The IUPAC name for this material is 1-{10-[3-(dimethylamino) propyl]-10H-phenothiazin-2-yl} ethanone.

Properties of Acepromazine

Appearance: It has a liquid physical state.

Solubility: This Substance is soluble in water.

Molar Mass: Its molar mass is 326.456 g/mol.

Melting Point: The melting point of this substance is somewhere below 25 °C.

Half Life: It has a half life of 3 hours in horses.

Veterinary Uses of Acepromazine

This Phenothiazine tranquilizer is mainly used by veterinarians as a premedication for some specific animals. Acepromazine Maleate tablets and injections are useful for preventing aerophobia, motion sickness and vomiting in dogs and cats.

For Dogs

Acepromazine injectable drug is used on pet dogs in order to calm them down for purposes like travelling and grooming. It can effectively tranquilize dogs. In this case, it is usually administered by injection.

This medication should not be used on the Boxer species. University of California, the veterinary teaching hospital in Davis, showed that this tranquilizer causes adverse health effects including respiratory arrest and collapse on Boxers. Special caution should be taken when using this drug on Sighthounds.

For Horses

It is used as a premedication in equine surgeries. This medication is administered to horses by intramuscular injection. The drug takes 30-45 minutes to take effect. It can also be given intravenously, taking effect in 15 minutes. The sedation continues for 1-4 hours. The standard dosages of Acepromazine may vary according to the required level of sedation. It is mainly used in the treatments of laminitis and Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis- diseases that affect horses.

This sedative substance is counted as a prohibited class A drug according to the rules of FEI or International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

For Cats

It is used as an anxiety medication for cats.

Necessary Precautions to be Taken While Using Acepromazine

One should not use this drug on animals suffering from anemia, dehydration or shock as it tends to lower the blood pressure. This drug should never be administered on pregnant and lactating animals. Using it on older animals and animals having heart or liver problems and epilepsy should also be avoided.

Acepromazine Overdose and Side Effects

Decreased heart rate, low blood pressure, decreased respiratory and extreme sleepiness are some of the common side effects of this drug. Overdose of this drug will make a dog sleep for approximately 12 hours. More serious side effects may include hearing loss and seizure. Extreme overdose may even cause death.

Acepromazine for Humans

It was first used on humans as an anti-psychotic drug during the 1950s. However, its uses on humans have been discontinued after noticing some adverse side effects. Nowadays, it is only used on certain animals.

Acepromazine for Sale

It is generally used in the form of Acepromazine Maleate. This drug is usually administered by injection. Acepromazine Maleate is also available in the form of 10 and 25 mg tablets. One can easily buy this drug online. The price of one 10 mg tablet may vary from $ 0.30 to $ 0.50. One 25 mg tablet will cost somewhere between $ 0.50 and $ 0.70.

Acepromazine is a very useful animal tranquilizer; however, in some rare cases the animals have shown some contradictory reactions like aggressiveness to this drug. Still, this chemical is counted among the most affordable and effective animal sedatives.


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