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What is Axinite?

Axinite is the name given to a group of minerals having a similar structure. The name “Axinite” comes from the Greek word ‘acine’ which refers to the axe-like shapes of these crystals.

Axinite Minerals

The minerals belonging to “Axinite” are actually the isotopes of calcium aluminum boro-silicate. Certain minerals are named differently based on their color, richness and specific gravity.

The members of this series are:

  • Ferro-axinite – It is rich in iron and ranges from lilac brown to black in color.
  • Magnesio-axinite – It contains high amount of magnesium and varies from pale blue to gray in appearance.
  • Manganaxinite – It is manganese-rich and is yellowish-orange in color.
  • Tinzenite – It contains iron as well as manganese and is yellow in appearance.

Other minerals associated with this group are

  • Diopside
  • Andradite
  • Quartz
  • Calcite
  • Epidote
  • Scheelite
  • Prehnite

Chemical Formula

The formula for this group of minerals is (Ca,Fe,Mn)3Al2BO3Si4O12OH or Ca2(Fe,Mn)Al2BSi4O15(OH).

Axinite Picture
Picture 1 – Axinite
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Axinite Acid

It is an acid borosilicate of aluminum, manganese and calcium with some zinc and iron.

Types of Axinite

There are four types of Axinite minerals. They are

  • Iron rich Ferro-Axinite, Axinite-(Fe)
  • Magnesium rich Magnesio-Axinite, Axinite-(Mg)
  • Manganese rich Manganaxinite, Axinite-(Mn)
  • Iron-Manganese intermediate Tinzenite

Axinite Properties

The physical and chemical properties of Axinite are discussed below:


These crystals can be of various colors such as reddish brown, yellowish orange, blue or black. Sometimes, colorless specimens are also found. Manganese rich Axinites can also be fluorescent red.


The physical appearance of this mineral group ranges from transparent to translucent.


They have good cleavage in one direction.


The crystals of Axinite mineral have irregular, conchoidal fractures.


The hardness in Mohs scale ranges between 6.0 and 7.5.


These crystals have a vitreous luster.


Axinite has a white streak.


The crystals of Axinite are brittle and rough.

Crystal Habit

The crystals are tabular and wedge shaped and frequently has a sharp knife-like edge. They also have parallel bladed aggregates and a granular structure.

Crystal System

The crystals are arranged in a triclinic system, which indicates that it has no axes of rotation or symmetrical planes. It does, however, have a center of symmetry.

Specific gravity

This mineral has a specific gravity ranging between 3.18 and 3.37.

Optical Properties

Axinite has biaxial optical properties.


The crystals can be transparent to translucent.


This mineral has strong pleochroic properties. Cinnamon brown, olive green and violet blue colors are frequently observed.

Refractive Index

The refractive index of Axinite is nα = 1.672 – 1.693 nβ = 1.677 – 1.701 nγ = 1.681 – 1.704.


The birefringence of these crystals is δ = 0.011.


Axinite is a pyroelectric substance.


Axinite is a piezoelectric substance.

Formation of Axinite

The minerals within this group are formed within the crevices and veins of granite. Often, these crystals are seen to have a knife or spatula-shaped edge. Specimens of this mineral group can sometimes be found in as parallel bladed aggregates and also in granular formation. Granular formation displays equant grains of this crystal, each of which is similar in size.

Axinite Occurrences

Axinite stones can be found in many countries, such as:

  • New Jersey, USA
  • Baja California, Mexico
  • Bahia, Brazil
  • Cornwall, England
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Tanzania
  • Obira, Japan
  • Russia
  • Afghanistan

Axinite minerals can be found in massive formation in areas like

  • Pennsylvania
  • Luning
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada

Axinite Uses

This mineral group is used for a wide range of purposes. Some of the main uses are:

Medical uses

It is commonly believed that Axinite has got certain metaphysical properties which make it a useful tool for healing. The stone can help one to accept changes easily and find balance and peace of mind. It provides grounding in difficult situations.

Due to its healing energies, it is often used by alternate healers and energy workers. It helps to dissolve a person’s ego, develop a clearer understanding of matters at hand and take better decisions. It helps to remove energy blockages from the body and heal negativity.

Spiritual uses

This crystal is used in meditation extensively as it helps to gain access to spiritual worlds and higher planes. Combining Axinite with Danburite helps in further development of inner consciousness, lucid dreaming and angelic communication.

Metaphysical uses

The stone has polarizing properties. This helps to align the energy patterns of the physical body with that of the Earth. The stone also creates harmonious relationships by effectively balancing conflicting viewpoints.

Health uses

On a physical level, Axinite helps to align and maintain the spinal cord. The crystal also helps to mend areas affected by breaks and fractures as well as treat muscular or skeletal problems. It increases energy and vitality of the body.

Axinite can be used in healing grids or crystal layouts. Carrying this crystal in the pocket helps in aligning and grounding of our energies.

Uses in jewelries and dresses

Axinite can be used and worn in the form of jewelry. Loose beads of this gemstone can be used to make necklaces. This stone is also used extensively in the preparation of rings, pendants, pins, earrings and tie tacks. While making rings, a protective setting should be used to set the stone.

Axinite stones are also used in the manufacturing of women’s dresses.

Where can you buy Axinite?

Axinite is a rare gemstone valued for its aesthetic beauty and healing properties. These stones are mostly small and expensive. The prices are in proportion to the size, with larger stones being more expensive. They are mostly sold in New Age shops selling various minerals, quartz and crystals for meditation or healing purposes. Alternatively these crystals can also be bought from online shops as well.

Axinite Images

Here are some images that feature specimens of these beautiful crystals. Take a look at these Axinite pictures to get a visual idea about their appearance.

Axinite is a brilliant stone crystal with sumptuous colors valued greatly for meditative purposes. It is better to use this stone in moderation and adjust to its powers slowly. Otherwise, there can be problems like nausea and loss of consciousness. If used properly, these crystals can greatly improve the mental and physical health of a person.



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