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Stannous Fluoride

Stannous fluoride also known as tin (II) fluoride is represented by the chemical formula SnF2 or F2Sn [2] and bears the IUPAC name difluorotin [1]. It is a white crystalline solid that is soluble in potassium fluoride and potassium hydroxide. The inorganic compound is insoluble in ether, ethanol and chloroform [4]. It is a fluoride salt and an ionic compound [8].

Stannous Fluoride

Stannous Fluoride Identification

CAS Number 7783-47-3 [1]
PubChem CID 24550 [1]
ChemSpider ID 22956 [2]
EC Number 231-999-3 [1]

How to Make It

Stannous fluoride can be prepared by dissolving stannous oxide in aqueous hydrogen fluoride [5].

SnO + 2HF = SnF2 + H2O

Stannous Fluoride Formula

Properties and Characteristics of Stannous Fluoride

General Properties

Molar mass/molecular weight 156.707 g/mol [1]

Physical Properties

Color/appearance White crystals [3]
Melting point/freezing point 213°C, 415.4°F [3]
Boiling point 850°C, 1562°F [3]
Density 4.57 g cm-3 [3]
State of matter at room temperature (normal phase) Solid [3]

Chemical Properties

Solubility in water Insoluble [3]
pH < 7 (acidic) [6]

Atomic Properties

Crystal structure Monoclinic [7]

Stannous Fluoride Structure

Tin (II) Fluoride Uses

  1. In different brands of toothpaste for improving dental health [5]. It prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity and reinforces weakened tooth enamel. It can be used for xerostomic (dry mouth) patients [9, 10].

Is it Dangerous

SnF2 can cause acute toxicity if swallowed. Contact with eyes and skin should be avoided as it causes severe eye damage and skin irritation [4].

Stannous Fluoride (SnF2) Price

The compound costs around $22 to $40 for every pound [5].


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