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Sulfuryl Fluoride

Sulfuryl fluoride represented by the chemical formula SO2F2 or F2O2S that bears the IUPAC name sulfuryl difluoride is a colorless and odorless compressed or liquefied gas. It is a sulfuryl halide that is stable in light, non-corrosive to metals and thermally stable up to 400oC when it is dry [1, 3].

Sulfuryl Fluoride

Sulfuryl Fluoride Identification

CAS Number 2699-79-8 [1]
PubChem CID 17607 [1]
ChemSpider ID 16647 [4]
EC Number 220-281-5 [1]

How to Make It

Sulfuryl fluoride can be prepared from an anhydrous gaseous mixture of chlorine, sulfur dioxide and hydrofluoric acid heated to 35oC in the presence of charcoal catalyst [6].

SO2 + Cl2 + 2HF = SO2F2 + 2HCl

Sulfuryl Fluoride Formula

Properties and Characteristics of Sulfuryl Fluoride

General Properties

Molar mass/molecular weight 102.055 g/mol [1]

Physical Properties

Color/appearance Colorless [1]
Melting point/freezing point -135.8°C, -212.44°F [2]
Boiling point -55.3°C, -67.54°F [2]
Density 3.72 g l-1 [2]
Vapor pressure 1.7X103 kPa at 21.1oC [2]
State of matter at room temperature (normal phase) Gas [1]

Chemical Properties

Solubility in water 4-5 ml/100 ml [2]
pH 7 [3]

Sulfuryl Fluoride (SO2F2) Uses

  1. As a fumigant insecticide for wooden structures to prevent the spread of termites, bed bugs and wood-infesting beetles [1].
  2. In organic synthesis [1].
  3. In making pesticides for plants [1].

Is It Dangerous

If inhaled, the gas is severely irritating to the respiratory tract and may cause lung edema. It may have a harmful effect (depression) on the central nervous system resulting in respiratory failure and convulsions. The rapid evaporation of its liquid form results in frostbite. It causes redness of eyes. Exposure of the poisonous gas could be a possible reason for even death [2]. As a safety measure, avoid inhalation and skin contact and do not wear rubber boots or gloves. Wear goggles and protective clothing [5].


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